Class Schedule

Class Schedule

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ATMAN Studio Zürich
Hermann-Greulich-Strasse 56, 8004 Zürich

In this class we are releasing any tension of the week and recharge our batteries for the weekend. The class is a balance between alignment and intuitive flow. We start with a short Breathwork session followed by a dynamic Yoga flow (Hatha & Vinyasa). Different options for more difficult poses will be shown. We seal the session with restorative poses and Shavasana. Music, candlelight and incenses are setting a cozy atmosphere to come home to yourself.

I teach in German or English depending on the student's needs. 


◆ Single Class 30 CHF

◆ 5 Class Package  135 CHF (11.11% discount)

◆ 10 Class Package 255 CHF (15 % discount) 

◆ Student Single Class 24 CHF (20% discount)

◆ Student 5 Class Package 120 CHF (20% discount)

Next Workshops

Understanding the Nature of Duality

Workshop Date: Saturday, 22nd of June 2024 (Fullmoon)

Address: ATMAN Studio Zürich Hermann-Greulich-Strasse 56, 8004 Zürich

Language: English

We invite you to our next workshop about The Energetics of Duality, happening during a magical fullmoon in Capricorn! While Non Duality is the foundational structure of the Universe, Duality is the nature of this human experience. So what is it and how to navigate it? It is no news that everything is energy, but there are certain beliefs that we hold about how energy works which can hinder us from recognizing the Truth of who we actually ARE. Therefore, we will bust some myths about certain common narratives and beliefs, including "having to protect yourself", "taking on energy or someone taking energy from you" or the idea of "evil/demons" and possessions. This workshop is intended to empower you and help you understand how we create our reality and shift from victim mentality to creator hood consciousness. In the second part we are going to dive into Polarity: The dynamics of masculine and feminine essence energy (and it's not a copy paste of surface level polarity teachings). This is the basis of all relationships. We are going to share their dark and light expressions in a structured way and how to harness that wisdom to create healthy relational dynamics on all levels. You will also receive a beautiful handbook which guides you to understand more of the concepts we discuss and to journal about them and go deeper.

To sign up, scroll down to the Workshop Schedule and click on "Book Now".


- Invocation

- Yoga flow

- Meditation / Inner Alchemy

- Lecture: Understanding the Energetics of Duality, Masculine and Feminine Polarity & Relationship Dynamics

- Practical application & Journaling

- Open discussion

- Closing

We will have healthy delicious snacks ready. If possible try to not eat 2 hours prior the workshop.

About Us

We are two best friends dedicated to the same mission: Share what we are deeply passionate about and create a community in which we can evolve together by holding a sacred space. We share what we have derived from integrated personal experience over the course of the last decade. We come together because we walk the same path with complementary gifts. Our areas of expertise includes various modalities in the field of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.