I share different methodologies within the field of Yoga, breath and energy mechanics for individuals and companies. My approach is to merge ancient eastern sciences with modern healing concepts to help facilitate the evolution and shifts you are seeking. My offerings include various holistic workshops, Yoga classes (group and private),  energy healings and activations, and coachings in combination with Astrology and Human Design. All of these modalities serve to enhance mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


About Me

In 2012 I became a student of Yoga and have ever since been on this journey exploring the body, yogic philosophy and later Reiki, Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys and Bioenergetics as well as the principals of Alchemy inspired by Rudolph Steiner. In 2018 I started my Yoga teacher training journey of 200h followed by +300h training in Switzerland with Stambha Yoga School. I have been teaching since 2019 and continue to be a student myself. I immersed myself fully into the philosophical studies to understand the nature of reality beyond what we are tought.


On the other side, I was involved in Academia and studied economics. I graduated from the University of St. Gallen and have been working in the corporate world for a few years since. My life has always entailed two seeming paradoxes: The world of logic and intuition. The corporate and spirituality.  My passion lies in bridging the gap. Therefore, my mission is to combine corporate with the inner journey of becoming more conscious, aware and mature.  


At heart I am a poet and dancer.  Since 2017 dance has been one of the greatest passions and it served me to achieve a greater understanding on how polarity works. I used to teach dance classes and continue to offer occasional dance workshops.




◆ Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher (500+hours Yoga Alliance accredited)
◆ Certified Usui Reiki Master
◆ Certified Astrologer (trained with Debrah Silverman)
◆ Certified ensa Mental Health First Aider
◆ Studies in Human Design and Gene Keys



"Stillness is the ruler of movement."

- Lao Tzu

"The depths are useless if they don't allow you to become light on your  feet."

- Preston Bryant


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