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You can choose to book Yoga classes (group and privates), dance offerings, a personal astrology reading or Reiki healing session



Yoga Classes


Conscious asana practice has the power of affecting all layers and systems of the body. In fact, the physical Yoga practice is just a small part of what Yoga really encompasses. It benefits your mental, physical and spiritual health. From the Yogic perspective, every part of the body is a microcosm containing information of the whole system. Through practicing Yoga it is possible to access your body’s innate wisdom. And no, you don’t need to be flexible in order to do or start Yoga! It is not about the final look of the pose, but rather the actions taken while getting into the form. 

I’ve learnt that Yoga is about cultivating a deep body awareness. The reprogramming of your proprioception (deep body sensibility) is what I consider as one of the aims of Yoga practice. My teaching is mainly based on therapeutic alignment principles (Hatha Yoga) also inspired by other styles of Yoga. You can choose between group and private classes (both on- and offline). You’ll leave the class feeling juicier and recharged. Come and join me for practicing Yoga! 



◆ Group Classes - every week - Now Online, soon in person again

◆ Online Yoga Video Library

◆ Private Yoga Class




Dance Classes


Do you desire to...


• Discover and express your sensuality

• Embody your divine feminine

• Build true confidence in your body

• Increase body awareness, strength, flexibility and balance

• Learn about the innate wisdom of your body


It's about the evolution of the body. Conscious movement is the unlocking of your power. The dance I teach is a conscious movement practice. I am a sensual latin dance teacher and facilitate dance events and courses in order for women to tap into their divine, magic and creative essence, which is the foundation for everything we create in life. Dance can be your gateway towards expressing your authentic Self. Stay tuned about the upcoming events.


◆ Bachata Bootcamp

◆ Dance Sensations




Yoga: What I like about Nathalie’s Yoga classes is that she puts a lot of emphasis on the correct and healthy alignment of the poses. I’ve been practising Yoga for 15 years, I attended classes in Bolivia, Capetown and Buenos Aires, and Nathalie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Her classes are suitable for people who would like to strengthen their posture. She teaches with lots of expertise and commitment. For years I’ve been feeling tension and was having trouble with my intervertebral disks. Therefore, I practice Yoga very gently. Since Nathalie focuses on bringing the body in optimal alignment I can participate in her classes which is special. I also like Nathalie's joyful spirit and spontaneity. She always spreads a good mood during the class and her music choice is great."

Lea, Switzerland

Bachata Bootcamp: “A huge thank you for all these precious moments. I really enjoyed every class with Nathalie. She is a great dancing teacher and the dance moves are diversified and of different difficulty levels which is a good mix. I can only recommend her classes also due to her charisma which makes every class special.”

Valerie, Switzerland

“BACHOGA is a unique combination of Bachata dancing and yoga. It expands the effect of both disciplines. On the surface, it is a nice workout for muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. Going further, it helped me express myself more confidently. It allowed me to better connect and balance body and mind. Nathalie is a joyful and inspiring spirit. Her explanations were transmitted very clearly and at a comfortable speed. At the same time she managed to give very detailed instructions. She created a great group dynamic and gave helpful individual adjustments. After the course, I felt more aligned, confident, guided, playful and worry-free.”

Nastassia, Switzerland

"Das Yoga mit Nathalie ist sehr abwechslungsreich und tut dem ganzen Körper gut. Sie erklärt die Asanas sehr gut, geht auf die Teilnehmer ein und gibt wertvolle Hilfestellungen. So kann ich, auch während dem Lockdown, meine Yoga Praxis vertiefen und Fortschritte erkennen. Mit ihrer Sympathie und positiven Energie bringt sie, auch online, Sonnenschein in die Herzen."

Karin, Switzerland

Yoga: “Während des ersten Lockdowns im Frühling 2020 durfte ich feststellen, dass Yoga dem neuen Alltag eine gesunde und erfrischende Abwechslung bietet. In den Stunden von Nathalie lernte ich, wie ich die Übungen in meine tägliche Routine einbauen kann, wie ich besser auf mich und meinen Körper höre und dass loslassen manchmal schwerer ist, als krampfhaft an etwas festzuhalten. Ihre Stunden sind immer abwechslungsreich, Input ist gern gesehen und auf Schmerzen und Schwächen geht sie sehr gerne ein. Falls ihr eine flexible und motivierte Yogi sucht, seid ihr bei Nathalie an der richtigen Adresse und ihre Übungen werden euch Energie für den Rest der Woche geben."

Laura, Switzerland

"Dance sensations with Nathalie is a beautiful act of love and deep connection to your deepest self. During the class we learn to combine asanas with aware dance moves and to express our emotions with the body. Nathi uses different tools in her classes - like writing, painting, philosophy, some poetry and different Latin dances. This all with the purpose to softly guide us in a flow of connection with our sensuality in order to become the women we are meant to be. An inspiring class, surrounded by an inspiring community of strong and encouraging women. My favorite part of the class is the energy we create together as a community. We get to use our body in many different ways with a perfect combination between strength and relaxation. The class ends with a soft Savasana, leaving us feeling relaxed and like a Goddess."

Eliani, Switzerland


I offer Online and in person private classes and Intensive Body Reprogramming

A Yoga Private is perfect for you if:

◆ You are a beginner with zero to little experience and would like to know exactly how the poses can serve your body in order to feel safe while practicing Yoga. Your body is unique and that’s why every asana will look and feel differently for everyone.

◆ You are intermediate and crave to dive deeper into the asanas and beyond

◆ You would like to improve posture, physical ailments*, flexibility, strength, balance and focus.

◆ You seek to get to know more about other yogic practices (such as mantras, pranayama, mudras etc.) and/or philosophy

During the private class we go through poses and I help you find the best alignment specifically tailored to your body.

I provide you with “body maps” which change the way you perceive and feel in your body. My expertise is based on 9 years of personal Yoga practice and 500+ hours Teacher Training.

Before the class we hop on a quick call to chat and clarify your needs.



"What you seek has always been there - within you.
It’s just about finding the right keys."

Emotional Alchemy, Integration work
and Soul guidance

"What you seek has always been there - within you. It’s just about finding the right keys."

Emotional Alchemy, Integration work and Soul guidance

1:1 Readings/Healing - Unveil Your Magic

You can book a 1:1 with me if you feel called to explore your magic, sacred gifts, yet unexplored potential and your sacred blueprint. We will unleash more of your truth and better understand your life lessons. You will gain clarity on your Why.

A 1:1 session is for you if you…

◆ seek clarity and/or guidance

◆ need energetic balance and healing

◆ strive to embody your truth

Together we explore limiting patterning in your subconscious and I’ll provide you with useful practices to reprogram them. Know you are 100% safe with me. You will feel prepared with tools, practices and meditations so you can wholeheartedly integrate the continuous understandings. This part is extremely beneficial as you continue to embody your fullest expression.Allow yourself to receive the codes and be open for shifts being ignited.

What you can expect depending on your needs and objectives:

◆ Basic or in-depth Astrology reading to uncover your gifts and blueprint

◆ Human Design reading to get clear about your optimal life strategy

◆ Tarot reading

◆ Reiki Healing Session to restore energetic balance and maximize the potency of your energy field

◆ Archetype-Work and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Private Booking

I personally experienced the power and positive influence these tools had on my own life. If you feel called to book a session, please reach out by typing a message below so we can schedule an introductory call. I will get back to you as soon as possible.